Wednesday, November 25, 2015



Oh hi! Long time never update here. I am flying to Taiwan in a few hours time for my first holiday of the year! Like finally, oh my god. Need to save money for wedding, hence cut down on holiday expense this year. Next year we will be going to Maldives for honeymoon and also Korea, AGAIN with my brothers. So next year will be really interesting for us.

Have I not mentioned that we are getting married here? Actually, WE ARE MARRIED! haha. Rightfully, we are married. We officially sold ourselves to each other in August this year, and the proper wedding will be next year January.

I am finally getting married! Not like I am super desperate to get married, ahem! It is all in our plan. haha. Anyways, will talk about it next time. I need to run and get some sleep before the trip! Till next time folks!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The day I extracted two molars

With stitches on both of my back molars, I can now finally say this, a visit to the dentist is my biggest fear ever. Since young, I always hated our yearly dental check up we had in school. Whether it is the awful surgical smell of the room, the surgical rubber taste that lingers in your mouth after check up or the saline water that they use to clean up your mouth. All these combinations has that eerie effect on me and I literally have to drag myself to the check up.

To be frank, I knew both of my top molars is slowly decaying through the years. I can feel it. I do brush teeth like normal people do, but perhaps it was not enough. I never done any yearly dental check up at all since high school and it is something that I really regretted now. If I would have done so, it will not be so bad today.

How bad was it? Well. Imagine our tooth is like this little square box. All that's left is half of the sides without any filling. I can feel it with my tongue. haha. Why did I not go to the dentist earlier? Firstly, I am scared, like really scared. Secondly, I know it is expensive and will burn a huge hole in my pocket. It is an excuse I give myself of course, and totally not worth the price I have to pay now. Damn. If I could turn back time. My two molars......

Anyways, do I feel any pain before this. Well, occasionally like once a month I feel some pain, but it is all bearable. Nothing cures better than Panadol nowadays, right? I am being sarcastic here actually. I won't take Panadol unless it is some pain that I can't bear.

So yesterday, suddenly at night the pain slowly became unbearable. Like someone is pulling my tooth and gums constantly. It slowly hits my head as well as I developed some minor headache. Okay. This is bad. Perhaps it might go off in a bit. The pain goes off then it comes back again, and again and again. Then I started googling about my condition and yeaps, I think I need to do extractions. How much will it cost me? Oh my, at least one thousand and above. Why so expensive??? I manage to sleep it off when it is not so painful, but was awaken a few times because of the pain. Alright, screw the money, I need to get it off!

And so, I made a phone call for an appointment in the afternoon. I thought I can go back to work after the treatment, but all my colleagues told me, well, you better go home and rest after that. Then I became more worried after listening to their advice. Its scary! They told me your tongue will be numb, you can't speak well after etc etc.

So, D-Time. The dentist is a soft spoken lady who is pretty calming to me. I told her frankly, I had not did any check up for at least ten years, so it is bad. After an X-ray scan, indeed, both of my molars are in a pretty bad shape. At least the rest of my teethes are doing pretty well! That is comforting. So she said she can't just do a normal extraction because there is not enough structure for her to hold on to, so she needs to make a small cut and pull from there, so its consider a surgical procedure.

That being said, let's get into business. First, she needs to numb both areas and oh my. It is painful! She has to inject something on both of my molars and totally caught me off guard. I gripped both of my hands so tightly and I think she saw it. She gave me a pillow to hug later. haha. After 5 minutes, time for the real surgery. For those who had not done any procedure of such, I shall give you some idea of how it is like.

First, let me list down all the thing that went in my mouth through the entire procedure, though I kept my eyes close the entire time. There is this machinery that sucks all the liquid, saliva and blood through the procedure, there are definitely scalpels, mouth mirror and dental drills. Pardon me for my lack of knowledge in the exact names for all these equipment. Imagine my horror when I hear drilling actions half way through the surgery.

Anyways, you have a open your mouth widely, obviously. I felt that she made a cut on my gums. And then comes the pulling part. I was totally taken back by it to be frank. She used so much strength that her assistant has to hold my head in place tightly. And my stubborn molar is not bulging anywhere. Damn you! Why are you as stubborn as your host? Then when she did another pull, something came off definitely, but not as a whole. I soon learnt that it had broken into small small pieces. Suddenly, I felt some drilling/sawing action going on. I slightly panic a little. It totally reminded me of final destination! oh my god. Did I mention that every single pull is damn painful!! There is this one pull where my tooth is not coming off and eventually torn her surgical gloves, like seriously! She told her assistant to turn  on the standing fan because she is all worked up by all the pulling. After a good ten minutes or so, it was finally removed. At least one side is done. Then comes another side. Repeat all the process above please. It was relatively much easier compared to the other side as it came out in one pull. But it was still very painful.

Then she has do do a few stitches because of the cut on both side of my gums. Two gauze were placed at the affected area and I was told to bite it so the bleeding will stop. I have to go back in a week time so the stitches could be removed. I was given a mouth wash, antibiotic and also pain killers. Total damage, 990 SGD. MY MONEY!!!!

I can claim portion of it from my medical benefits, but still! It is damn expensive lo. I am only suppose to take only liquid or soft form of food like jelly, ice cream or room temperature soup on the first day after the surgery. Luckily the bleeding stopped after like one and half hours, which is really lucky for me. The pain is quite bearable and only requires me to take the mild pain killer, which doesn't work to be honest. I only felt uncomfortable and numb, and yes, super hungry.

The moral of the story is, don't stinge on dental expenses. It is totally not worth all the pain when it turns bad. No matter how terrified you are, some things if you have to brace it, you have to. If not, the consequences you have to bear later is worst. Oh yes, I also found out that I have two wisdom tooth at the bottom which has yet to come out. TWO! and it is in a vertical position, which is bad obviously. But the dentist said unless it is painful, we shall keep it as it is for now. Thank god!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Let the war, begin

Hello hello, it has been awhile right? Well, life has been nothing out of the world interesting other than just work work work and more work.

My hotel, not really MY hotel, but you get what i mean, is opening tomorrow. And, I am off today. =p It wasn't really my intention, but more like no choice because after tomorrow, all hell will break loose. After months and months of preparations, all the hard work and A LOT of sweat, moving things here and there, none stop changing settings, arrangement and all, it all comes down to tomorrow. God bless all of us.

There is a point where I am really stressed out, because I feel like I have given my best and it is not enough still. It is really annoying. If i can pick all the hardworking and great staffs to fight along with me, I guess I will not be so tiring. But I suppose you need to learn how to pick the good out of the bunch no? I have done what I could and really stretch myself to the extend that I had clock in more than 12 hours shift for a few days straight. Physically drained, and mentally exhausted.

But nevertheless, I suppose my hard work kind of paid off because I have been receiving some compliments recently. Not a lot, but enough to make me motivated to go on and fight again. This is the age where I have to fight for my career and see how far I can go in this industry. I will see how long I can endure and how much I can take before moving on into the next stage of my life.

So let's carry on working, and see what and where is my limitation! JIA YOU!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014


True Color

Sometimes, people true color will only show after something happened. Selfishness and ignorance. Before you say anything at all, please look into the mirror first.

You want to f**king curse anything and everything including your loved one, that shows how immature you are. But hey, we never step on your tail ya, so please do show some respect okay? I diam diam doesn't mean I can just ignore everything.

Never you once think that in this situation, we are the victim? We never do anything and just minding our own business and there you go, here comes all the problem.

If you think I am disrespectful, then please, think again.

Anyways, we are moving again in early June. Luckily so. Pffftttttt.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


说老又不老, 说年轻又不是很年轻

羡慕她们的自由, 羡慕她们的青春


有, 当然有


年轻人呀, 好好地享受读书时期吧!
痛快地玩, 认真地读书吧!

现在的我, 会变成如何?

理智, 对事业而言, 是好的
对个人的品格而言, 也是好的
但也显得太认真, 太拘束

要么理智, 要么放肆

我现在并没有太大的烦恼不用担心。 只是太久没练习写华语了, 有感而发之时, 就应该大喇喇地写一写。今晚的灵感, 也用得七七八八了, 是时候关门睡觉啦!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014


HELLO! It has been awhile isn't it? Time for some little update on my life now. Well, I am working in a new environment now, which is pretty interesting and relaxing so far. Currently I am moving forward to a hotel entity! Like finally right? The hotel is not ready yet, so we are all now in training mode aka office hour mode! Yay! Have I told you before I have NEVER once work around office hour timing before? The reality of working in a hospitality environment, you will not have that luxury of sitting down in the office doing paperwork, unless you are in higher management. Waking up early is a pain but I am loving the weekend off luxury. Not liking the super high traffic in every corner of Singapore during the weekend, but, I can get use to it, while it last of course. I think I am left with two more weeks of weekend off before we move into the hotel. Oh no!

The challenges that I have so far, is definitely on improving my social skills and leadership. I am so used to working in a team as small as a 4 man show and suddenly I am surround by 40 colleagues. It is pretty intimidating you see. Its like I am having some sort of a culture shock. But, I am sure that things will improve as time goes by. Fingers crossed.

A little something that I would like to share here. I always said that we will meet different people in our life, so on and fourth. And there will be people who leaves a significant footprint in your life, not always in a good way sometimes. Today, I was reminded of someone who had left a mark in my training days and because of this incident, I was exposed to the cruel world of a working society. I still remember sitting in front of my manager with tears rolling down my cheeks because of politics at work. I still remember how painful it is to see people with two faces and you still have to pretend like nothing had happened. Oh well. Those were the trainee days. I am over that phase! This person had shown me what I may face in the future, and somewhat prepares me mentally. But, as pety as I may seem, it is still unforgivable. hahaha. Some scars just don't heal you see.

You may or may not agree with that person's working style, because it may contradicts with what you believe in, but it is okay, because everyone is different. Just stay true to yourself, and believe in what you know best. Do not be influence by others because he/she does not stand on the same line as you. Right? At least I think it is right la! haha.

And oh! I need to find a new place to move to AGAIN! We are like a nomad man. Damn. It is super frustrating to look for the right place to stay as there are so many other factors to be considered. Talking about frustrations! Sometimes, people can just get on your nerves with their tak-apa attitude. You tak apa tak tahu for so many years already then suddenly send a huge letter with a deadline to my house. Why is it so that my friend who had graduated together with me received the confirmation with the same documents I had submitted where else mine was delayed for so many years? It is as though they purposely make it harder for me so I would give up on the application! WHY! Ah well. There is nothing that I can do but to try and oblige to what they want.

Okay, maybe I should end this post on a better tone other than frustrations all the way. I am going to Jeju Island end of this year! YAY! I can not wait to go back to my kimchi land with super nice food and skincare products. But before that, work really really hard so that I can get a house by end of this year, or early 2015. Just saying. ^^

Tuesday, April 1, 2014



First day at work, and a fresh start. For me, first day is about observation and more observation. Call me conservative or introvert, but I do not like to spill it all on my first day at work. I like to listen to others quietly and observe their body language. This is my third official job and through my very short experience, there are people who will bring you up, and people who will drag you down. It is up to me, to know who are my allies, and which are my enemies. Very deep indeed. This is working life no?

Suddenly I realize that hey! I am no longer waiting for orders, I am suppose to give out order now. At least learn how to give order you see. I am not a fresh graduate anymore, I am here to strive high. Time to built up my leadership and navigate away! Of course, I must learn how to swim before I dive right? One step at a time Zhi Lin, one step at a time.

It has been awhile since I had worked with so many people, and it would be a challenge for me to work in a bigger team. I am so used to like doing everything myself ( taking orders, making drink orders, serving wine, serving food, making coffee, clearing and setting table, billing etc etc ), and somehow, it is not that easy to let it go. haha. Call me a control freak yo! 

Exciting road ahead, and hope I will have much fun along the way. Fingers crossed. Focus Zhi Lin, you can do it. 

Friday, March 7, 2014


今天。还真是个衰衰衰的一天。为了一个护照,七早八早就起身搭巴士过海去。 我还是个在新加坡工作了三年却从来也没有踏进柔拂洲的小初丁。巴士是找到了,过海关也安然无恙。虽然是战战兢兢地去慢慢摸索, 但还是到达了目的地。

可是,令我晴天霹雳心情顿时掉到谷底的竟然是星期五更新护照的部门没有开!我的妈咪呀! 我飘洋过海来到这里,你竟然关门。网上明明就写有开嘛。大马嘛,这些事情也是见怪不怪了。只好怪我自己没有好好地留意大马的消息吧。



Wednesday, March 5, 2014


当年的我,也曾是个常常闹情绪的女孩, 吃醋比吃饭还多的小女人。明知道是不健康的,明知道是没有未来的,但还是一次又一次地掉回去。当觉醒来的时候,已经翩体磷伤了。憔悴了,瘦了,还忘了什么是被爱的感觉。


这时,他,就像天使般地出现在我身边。我终于找回了被关心,被人呵护的感觉。心想, :‘就是他了,要捉着他!’ 。 回想起来,当时的我也蛮勇敢的嘛。明明还没痊愈,就跳进去了。至今的我,依然没有后悔我当初所作的决定。 五年了,他还是我那可爱的天使。人海茫茫,感谢老天爷让我遇见了他。

今天的我,稍微成熟了一点,没有以前那么的天真。但我到今天还是个哈韩饭,每个晚上都在认真地煲韩剧。爱 幻想浪漫又刺激的恋爱是无可避免滴。 幻想归幻想,回到了现实生活中,浪漫能当饭吃吗?我们没有很浪漫,也不是什么排山倒海刻苦铭心的恋爱。我们就是简简单单地相爱在一起,就这样。



感激,感恩, 感谢缘分让我遇见了他。

p/s 就让我偶尔肉麻一下嘛。^^




过去这几天,虽然是无所事事,但是也领悟了许多事情。平时只忙着做工,忽略了许多日常生活中的小点滴。好久没有好好地听音乐和阅读书本了,也好久没有静静地聆听着自己的心声。生活再忙,也要偶尔放停脚步, 喘一口气,整理情绪再出发。 休息一个月,是正确的!

稍微离题一下下。有些事情,要放的开。感情的事,是你的,就是你的。不是你的,无论你多么地努力,到头来受伤的,还不是自己。 越是想要的东西,老天爷越是不要给你。反而期望没那么高的时候,偏偏就给你个你万万没有想到的惊喜。自我增值,自我自爱才是上上之策。当然,说是简单。但是世上无难事,只怕有心人不是 无稽之谈。凡是只要有心,就可以做到。



Thursday, December 12, 2013


Bottle Neck


No Motivation



These are all the words that sum up on how I am feeling lately. Career wise. Some said I have lost my directions, some said I don't know what I want. But I clearly know what I want inside, but I just could not put it into words.I know I am worthy of something more than what I am doing now and I know, I can do it. Somehow, I just know it. But then again, comes time when I doubt whether it is just me being over confident, or I truly have that ability to do something more.

So I have decided that I wanted to try something different, to break that glass ceiling. At least I am trying now. Numerous factors like limited quota, lack of experience in certain field, year end etc trying to pull me back.I felt a little defeated because people tend to shove away other's chances because of all these reasons. Well, I am not the only one looking for second chances right?

Trying to be a little positive, and have confident in myself that I will succeed as long as I believe in myself. One down and another one came knocking on my door. Did not put my hopes up high because I know, the chances of getting the job is very very little. But, at least my engine has started. The more I practice, the better I will excel right? Of course I will try my very best. I will put everything I have on that table, and let's see what fate has for me this time around.

Wish me luck and let's stay positive.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thin? Or too thin?

' Why you so thin a? '

' You must eat more! '

These are the two statements that I always hear from my family and friends. In my honest opinion, I think that I am not that thin. ( At least my brain tells me so. ) Then comes me standing in the changing having a hard time fitting into the smallest size in the boutique. 

'Shoots. I am too thin.' Says my brain.

I admit it, I have this very minor weight disorder whereby I am quite obsess with my weight. But it is not anorexia or bulimic, it is just in my mind. If you ever wonder how much I eat, or how many times I eat in a day, its 5. Breakfast before I leave to work, lunch before service starts, tea time break, early dinner before service ( sometimes ), and supper after I finish work at night. I eat freaking 5 times in a day, and my supper time can be as late as 1am. I don't force myself to vomit after I eat alright! I don't do that ever. I always thought that I have this super high metabolism rate whereby I can get hungry as fast as one hour after I eat. I suppose I am lucky in that way?

My problem with my weight, is that I am really obsess with it. I hate it when it fluctuates. I can weight myself up to 5 times in a day, or maybe more. Talking about obsession. I know it is not healthy, but I don't think it hurts either. In reality, I know that I am not fat, and maybe a little too thin. But, I just can't bear the thought of gaining weight. And that, is my problem. I knew it perfectly well actually.

It all dates back to high school days whereby I am a little chubby. I weight around 44kg at that time? So I tried to not eat rice everyday, research on all these methods to block carbohydrate intake, doing sit up up to 100 times before I sleep etc etc. That time, I was really obsess. And that is the very same reason I din't grow up any taller and why I have small ahemmmm. haha. 

Then when I first join college, I look like this.

As you can see, I am still pretty chubby and not overly thin.

Another picture of chubby me.

Then comes the downfall. haha. One of the darkest moment of my college days. And I started to lose weight drastically.

This is when I was at the thinnest stage of my life. 

As I am with Aaron, I started to gain a biiiiiiiiiiiiit of weight. if you can see. haha.

And a bit more! See! I was so chubby, omg!! And he did too of course. =p

Then I decided to chop off my hair. Which did trim off some of my chubbiness as well. 

And then, it never came back

Then comes Singapore. What do you expect? Lose weight further la!

And now, I sort of gain some muscles on my arms, but my face became more V shaped.

If you ask me, do I always fall sick. Well, I only recall myself falling for food poisoning early this year. Minus some headaches here and there, I did manage to mantain my healthy really well. No fever or serious cough and sinus this year. So far in year 2013, I have only taken 1 day MC, which is for food poisoning. Kudos to myself for taking care of my body so well. haha.

So ya! Tell me, why is my face becoming thinner by day even though I ate healthily through the year? Why is my weight still the same and why are all those fats not growing in the correct place!!! Grrrrrrrrr..... So what is wrong? I know I can't lose any further, I should not! Maybe I need to go for a blood test and see what is wrong with my body. Can I have the right amount of fats in the right place and not gain a lot of weight??? I think I am going to be whack for saying this. haha

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Not my fault! But....

Today is the day I doubt myself, did I made the right decision of working in the hospitality industry.

Today is the day I almost blew it away and call it off.

Working in this industry, is like riding a roller coaster. So many ups and downs, sharp turning and sudden breaks that makes you so high and yet so nauseas.

We just have to accept the fact that there will be assholes and jerks out there who LOVE to make other's life difficult. And it is just unlucky for me to be the one handling them. My blood pressure meter just blew off when they used the manager card to pressure me and looked down on me just because I seem inexperienced to them. Just because I look young and seems like I am a part timer doesn't mean that I am one.  I admit it myself, I still can't handle my emotions well when it comes to this kind of situation. For me, it is simple. I know what I am doing, and I know I did the right thing, so I will stand on my ground.

I was so angry and pissed off at that point because I did no mistake, so why are these people like that? Why must I be embarrassed like that? I keep analysing and analysing on what could have gone wrong and have I done anything wrong. But the answer is still the same. I did not make any mistake. Then all sorts of negative thoughts keep flashing through my mind. What am I doing here? I have studied so hard all these while to be treated like this? Why do I have to lower my self esteem and integrity for something that I have no wrong? Why am I still here?

My manager and and Assistant Manager had my back and they understand that it is not my fault. I am just unlucky, that's all. After cooling down my fire within 5 minutes, I went back into service and still smile to other guests. Talking about split personality.

This is just part of the service industry. You just have to suck it in and let it go. There will be people who tries to step on you and you just need to be one step higher than them.

All in all, we need to remember the good ones, and forget the bad ones. Keep reminding yourself the reason why you are here, and what you want to achieve. Then move on, or just try to move on. This is part of the journey.It is ugly and bumpy, but the fruits at the end of the road is sweet and rewarding. Hopefully. haha.

Let's just see how will my journey be from now on. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thoughts on Sydney

Hello hello! I am back from Sydney!! Yeahhh.." Le Sigh" =( Though I am pretty grateful that we escaped the sudden temperature drop, but I still miss it dearly. I have yet to organize any of my pictures and it will be a picture-less post. Apparently we took around 1k+ of pictures! Oh my! So shall take my time and upload it slowly so I could still savour the moment. haha.

Well Sydney Sydney. My first time in Sydney, and I have to say, I quite like it over there. I like the fact that houses there has their own backyard and each house is different. Not like in Malaysia whereby terrace houses are all the same for that stretch without a backyard. Back of the house is normally emergency lane and longkang ( Drains ). Damn.I have this fantasy over backyard because whenever I watch western movies or drama, they always have bbq at the backyard, spending some time with their family outdoor and just chilling. Well, its easier for them to do so mainly because of the weather. Who would want to stay outdoor with the sun is torching hot and there is no wind or slight breeze to cool you down in Malaysia? Not me. Even if it is during evening time, I would have avoided it at all cost, its the time whereby dengue mosquitoes are the most active.

I always wonder, why do Ang Mohs like to stay under the sun all the time and just lying on the grass? Now I know why. Because whenever there is sun, it is warm. When we were in Sydney, its sunny most of the time since it is early Spring, but the sea breeze is very chilly. So whenever we feel it is a little too cold, we will automatically hunt for the sun and stand under it. Even if it is a little warm in the noon, whenever the wind blows, its just nice.It is nice to lie on the grass to relax, to spend some time with your loved one or with your family, to just get a little bit of sun for the day. I can totally imagine myself grabbing a sandwich and coffee while reading a book in the park when the weather is nice. But of course, that comes from me who has been living in a tropical country since I was born and had never stayed in a country with four seasons more than three weeks. I would love to experience living in a four seasons country at least for a year so I could know how does it feels like. That, will be one of my goals to be achieved in the future.

Transportation is overly expensive. A single ticket from the place I stay which is Eastwood to International airport cost us like $13.90 each. We got the shock of our life the first time we purchased tickets to the city, where by it is closed to 14 dollar for a round trip for both of us. I like the trains though, not the speed and frequency of it. It is comparable with KTM, sad to say. The frequency of the trains can be up to 30 mins for none peak hours. I am pretty much used to Singapore MRT whereby it is fast and the frequency is high, hence the comparisons. The train coaches are pretty cool. It is double decker coach, or whichever name it is supposed to be call, and they have quiet coaches to cater for people who likes their train journey to be a peaceful one. So if you would like to chat, or pick up phone calls, you will need to move to other carriage. I personally think this is brilliant. On a side note,I wish there are more railway map at each stations.

As a tourist, even if we are spending our money from Singapore dollar, it can be a little expensive, for shopping that is. Topshop, Zara or even their local brands, I think it is cheaper to get it in Singapore. Which is also why I did not shop much in Sydney, compared to Seoul. Gosh, I LOVE SHOPPING IN SEOUL! haha. Back to Sydney. For all the Pandora fans out there, Australia will be your heaven to shop for charms especially in duty free shops. It is slightly cheaper I think. For a normal silver charm, it can be 27 dollars each if you buy it in  duty free shop, in Aussie dollar of course. I think it is relatively cheaper.

Food wise, it is not exactly that cheap. If you convert from Malaysia Ringgit, you will be screaming its very expensive. For a decent meal in a cafe, a normal Big Breakfast can cost up to 22 dollars, egg benedicts around $16 or $18? Even if you go to any Asia Restaurants which is cheaper in contrast,  a plate of fried rice can go up to $15? In restaurant price that is, not those take away outlets. I think it is cheaper to cook at home compared to eating out. Steaks are very cheap, very. Three pieces or Sirloin steak for 8 bucks? Yes please! That, is from a tourist's point of view. If you are earning local currency, I am sure it is a different story.

Sceneries in Sydney is breathtaking. If you love baby blue sky with crystal clear sea water and lovely breeze, this is the place. Imagine baby blue skies with fluffy clouds, ferries and yachts cruising by, lovely sea breeze as you stroll along the whaft. Amazing! Well, I am not really that good in describing sceneries, but hope you get what I meant. haha. Every thing that we see is like a painting, picture perfect and you just feel like recording everything that you have seen with both of your eyes and remember it forever. Damn! How can you be so pretty Sydney?

This is only Sydney, I am pretty sure the suburbs will be even better. Till next time, when I have more money it is. haha. Anyway, these are my little thoughts after coming back from Sydney. Bear in mind that everyone has their own opinion, and this is solely based on my own. I am out!

p/s I think I am developing slight fever as I speak. Body has not adjust back to local weather.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

On karma

Because karma is a bitch!

People say, do not let other people ( especially not worthy people ) to affect your emotions. Well, easy to say, but hard to do. And so, I am learning how to play the invisible game now. Means that person, is invisible to me. No point trying to think positively about that person anymore, no point trying to convince that that person has some things that I can learn from. Because there is none. So why bother? If I am rude to you, be it. Because I simple don't care any more. If you have done no mistakes, I will no have something to pick on. But too bad, you keep making mistakes in my territory, which I am in charged of.

No matter how old you are, always be humble, and learn as you go. Experience can be very important, but that also depends on your attitude and how you are going to use it. No point counting the years of working and yet, at the end of the day, you let your egoism take over.

I can be nice, and I can be an ultimate biatch. To that person, I am the ultimate biatch who is always picking on him. Do I feel bad, well last time. But now, to hell I care. I am trying to 'zen' myself into not letting this person affects my emotions any more.

I am doing my job, and I am always trying my best to not make any silly mistakes. Motivating myself to do better each day, and trying hard to maintain it. This is all I care, and what I should only care. Not on what other people feel or how they think of me. It should be me and me only. Well, if I do make any sense at all.

Anyways, that's about it!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A walk into memory lane, thanks to FB

Just some funny pictures I found...( Damn, I have taken ALOT of pictures and I can't even remember clearly when was it taken. )

B is quite photogenic no?


Another picture of my cute darling..cannot resist myself. haha



Some artistic picture taken by me

Somehow, I still love this picture..haha


Gone la our image..hahaha

What happened in Paris stays in Paris..

Nanannaa..sing the happy song

I think I was mad at something..hahaha

Looking innocent..I think..haha

When it was reeeeally cold


And the best thing is, I found a reallllly old picture of myself when I was in Form 4. Here goes nothing

This was taken when I went to Japan for my student exchange program. I was realllllly chubby, wore some round and ugly specs, and with some really funny hair. haha. Nevertheless, It was a really good experience

One more picture please. This was taken at Tokyo Tower. =)

Now I have to run and hide myself for posting all these pictures..haha..

My very chubby baby picture. =)
Nahhhh...nothing to be ashamed of. =) =)

And yes, the chubby little baby is me!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Just, Pissed

I AM SOOOOOO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOWWWW! Gosh! Please let me release some steam.

For one whole year, I have been trying my best to maintain my work performance. I am punctual ( WAS NEVER LATE!! ) for one whole, trying my best to do my best and never slack. Yes, I can be pretty 'chiong' or in another words, work very hard, but this is who I am!

I, am a pretty egoistic person I must say. If it is my mistake, fine I will accept it. But why should I wipe other people's ass? WHY! WHY! Gosh! I am loaded with things to do, go here go there, do this do that, but why are others so free? WHY!

I am young, and I should be climbing my way up fast. And I am working for it. But, it has been one year plus. If I am not doing a good job, slacking, then fine, I accept it. But, oh well. Maybe I am still not mature enough, maybe I can't handle certain things well. motivation is going down. That's all.

Well, writing is a really good way to release steam I must say. I am not angry anyway. Time to head back to my paperwork. Le sigh!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Greetings from Malaysia!!! Wohoooo! Anyways, before I continue with anything at all, Hello Ma and Ba! Thanks for reading my blog eh! haha. Yeaps, my dear parents are getting their hands on the cyber world and knew about my blog. opppps! Stalker alert on! haha. So gotta be a little careful with what I write now...hmmmsss


 My first Pedi Mani!

Please don't call me a bimbo, but I am so so glad that I finally did my first pedi mani. haha. Ever since I join the Hospitality industry, painting my nails seems to be such a luxury that I could not afford. Not because I don't have the money to do so, but it is not allowed. Well, at least for my fingers. Whenever we have practical classes in college, lecturers would killed us if we have our nails painted. So, it became a habit to have short and clean nails. Come to think of it, it goes way before that actually. I used to play piano since I was very very young, so it is also crucial to have short nails as well. Le sigh! Seems like I am destined to have short fingernails isn't it? 

So yes, I have decided to get my nails painted, do the girlie things that I seldom do and it was the best decision ever.The first thing that I told her is, I have not done any pedicure and manicure before. haha. A little warning before the session starts. It started off with some soaking, scrubbing, trimming, massaging and finally painting my nail. The whole session was fabulous and very relaxing. She also highlighted a few times that I should learn how to take care of nails and stop peeling it. Well, I am really bad when it comes to taking care of little things like this. Or should I am I am too tired and lazy to trim my nails nicely, paint it with base coat, double coloured then top coat. I would rather spend that time on watching my drama when I have that little time left. Hence, it slowly became a habit.

Come to think of it, everyday what I do is work work work and work. I rarely shop unless I really need something, and the most money that I spend is on food. That's all. I should learn how to pamper myself once in a while isn't it? And, its good to feel a little girlie again. haha. I am too man at times, and I forgotten that I should act like a girl too.

Life is not all about work and money. Sometimes you need to slow it down, and learn how to relax too. 

p/s That's for you too ma. You need to slow it down and relax also. ^^

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Holiday Holiday

Finally, all my work has completed, served ended, and time for my one week break to commence. I am super exhausted actually. The work that I had done yesterday and today was overwhelming.

1. Updated wine list pricing.
2. Printed wine list, including assembling the list.
3. Updated all the price changes in the system.
4. Updated the takeaway pricing
5. Printed takeaway price list, and premium wine list
6. Ordered wines
7. Topping up wines

Other than all those above, I still did lunch and dinner operations. Wah! I am so proud of myself. I manage to get everything done in two days. Perhaps that is the reason why even though I am super excited to go home, I just can't express it out. Put everything aside, I am coming home!!!

Come to think of it, it has been half a year since I last went home. What to do, I do not have tonnes of leave to spare after spending half on vacation. Ngek ngek. Furthermore, I would rather have one whole week to spend in Malaysia rather than just a three days trip, four days trip. Right?

I will eat more, meet more people, sleep more and eat more.


Holiday starts NOW!


Thursday, June 27, 2013


Today, is the day we strike off the 4th year mark as a couple. We have been together for four years now, it seems so long and yet, so short at the same time. I did not feel it until I slowly go through all the pictures we have taken together. We took so SO many pictures, and been through so many things together. From studying together in college, to graduating from our degree, taking our baby steps in Singapore till now. We have been working for almost two years now. Dang! Time do pass by very fast no?

People say after the honeymoon period, things will gradually go downhill and you will start to feel tension between you and your partner. But, I still feel like we are in our honeymoon period. haha. We still text like how we used to, I still can't get my hands off him, I will miss him a lot even if he is away for one day and it is as though we are in this stage whereby we just started dating. I am truly grateful for that.

Yesterday, while me and my colleague going to this gift shop to get a birthday card for our boss, I saw this handsome looking guy from far and it immediately strikes me that hey! He is my bf! And Oh my god, he looks so handsome and tall. haha. ( It is actually a surprise went busted by myself. haha.) Seriously, that really went through my mind. Paiseh la, this is suppose to be an Anniversary post! I still feel the electricity feeling ( like what others said ) like the day we first started. What curse have you cast on my b! haha. How can I love you more and more everyday! =p

For me, to have found someone that is so significant to me, so patience towards our relationship, love me like no one else ever will, understand me even better than myself, I must have strike the biggest 4D in my life.  I am one very lucky girl. Very.

4 years, and I am pretty sure there will be a whole load more to go in the future. I will constantly improve myself, so that you can fix your eyes on me =p, and I will try and be the best for you as well. So baby,



I hereby present you with a lot of pictures of US ^^

All pictures are arrange in chronological order within the last two years time france. You can see how much we have changed since two years ago, whether its our hairstyle or our chubbiness. Once again!


That's all folks. ^^