Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We are also humans

We are also human

We have emotions, we have temper just like anyone of you

Because of this, I can't even express myself even if I am really happy. Wtf is this. I have to be cautions on the words I use, my body language, my expression, emotions etc etc. Why? Just because we need to avoid people writing in complain.

There are people who are really nice, and these are the kind of people that we should keep and we should treat them better. And there are also those who are picky and vent it on us. So what should you do? To avoid them to write in, we need to smile, suck it all up and polish their shoes. It is freaking unfair right?

Perhaps this is my first ever complain, hopefully the last. Not entirely picking on me, but, I was part of the story. It sucks, because I like my record clean.

Others rant it on us, it is okay for them, because they are the ones who are paying. Then what about us? Huh? Who shall we go to? Is there a union whereby we can voice out our disapproval?  Even if there is, what can they do? There is no right or wrong, because for them, they are ALWAYS right and we are always at fault. All these negativity will also cause staffs to lose their motivation to work, which will also lead to a domino effect, like losing focus on work, having that 'whatever' attitude, in the end, more complains.

You have a choice, to treat these complains like a 'god', or to motivate your staffs to work better in the future. When I was studying, 'Motivation' is one of the topic that has been repeated so many times through my degree. And indeed, it is very important. Like myself now, I started work full of passion, full of fire on  my work. Now, because of this petty things here and there, I have to admit, I am starting to dislike this field. Motivation, can someone just point it out?

But this is not how it should be isn't it? On personal note, I should never give up until the very end and always try my best. Think of what I did wrong and how I should improve myself, and do better in the future. Even if I have to fake a smile and treat them like god, I still have to make it through right? Yes. I can do it, because I am Yeaw Zhi Lin.

But hopefully in one or two years, and I am out! I told b, I want to live in a country whereby I can experience four seasons at least for a year. I want to see the world! I want to see the world god damn it! haha. Just hope this little dream of mine will because true. Only for a year, not a life time. ( But a life time also not bad eh..^^) Ahhhh...talking nonsense once again. Well, I can't rant it anywhere else. Hence, my trustworthy blog, you are my rant reliever. Thank you!

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