Thursday, January 17, 2013




Can you believe it I am already 24 years old this year? I am in another awkward stage whereby I have to knock myself in my head when I am tempted to buy super girly things because it doesn't suits me anymore. I am no longer a teenager with raging hormones, but a young adult with responsibilities.

In this new year, I have to learn that money is not everything. I have to learn how to treat myself better by not being so stingy, or thriftily ( Another word I learn from Miss CKW ). . Travel while I am young ( Or when SGD is strong..haha ) and enjoy good food. What my friend said is true, what other things are more enjoyable than travelling and having great food? Hence korea trip in April and perhaps another one coming up end of this year. AWESOME!

Saving money is essential, but sometimes sharing is caring. Learn how to treat my brothers and parents better and not feel bad for burning a hole in my pocket for them. Sometimes I am so strict with myself when it comes to money that I feel so bad for not reaching my savings target every month. I check my bank account balance as frequent as how many times I check my weight in a day which is bad. I need to loosen up a bit and learn how to balance it up.

I need to find my motivation to study this year. I have a year to prepare for a competition and I have to swallow a hell load of knowledge during this period. I need to smack myself, and beaten myself up so I could be more discipline and have a more structure study module for myself. I can do this! If I want to do this, it has to be the best! GAMBATE!!!!

Learn more, absorb more and always remind myself that its okay that it is tough now as I am still consider new. Don't stray away from my principles and always stay on track. No matter what others think of me, it doesn't matter as long I know what I am doing. Focus, focus and focus.

2013 will be a great year and hell yeah I am going to rock it!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!

p/s  First lesson of the year, do not drink too much of tea with an empty stomach. Especially when you have low blood pressure.

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