Sunday, May 12, 2013

Introduction to our Korea Trip 2013

Oh Hello there...Finally, a little time for me to blog on my Korea trip...Being a vivid K-pop fan, I always wanted to go back to Korea ( Went there once when I was in 14 or 15 years old ). After getting my first ever bonus, I am more than determine to plan for a holiday to Seoul. And voila! Here comes a Spring trip to Korea. We did not follow any tour, or have any korean friends who can guide us. It is really free and easy with lots of research done. I have been checking their tourism website aka Visit Korea official website from time to time, and their website is really good. You can get all sorts of information you need to travel to Korea, from where to stay, to where to eat, language guide, free e-book etc etc. The link is as below :

Another website that is pretty helpful will be Visit It is somewhat like the link above, but with more comprehensive guide on travelling around Seoul. In this website, you can find loads of good places to eat. The link is as below :

So once you have all your research in hand, you are good to go.

We travel from the 18th of April 2013 until 14th of April 2013. If you are ever wondering, is it cold during this period of time? I will say, don't forget to bring your thick jacket. There is a huge temperature gap between day and night. The first morning in Seoul was so cold with chilly wind blowing at us.As the sun rises,  it gets a lot warmer. Worst still if it rains. Oh god! Keep checking the weather forecast from time to time, it is really accurate. 

Travelling around Seoul has been pretty easy and convenient as their public transportation is very well developed and established. We have no problem getting around and it is not very pricey as well. We only took their monorail and trains though, because we couldn't understand what is written on the bus. Most trains can bring you to all the major touristy location around Seoul, hence it is really convenient. All you need, is to get a T-money from the local convenient store, and top up as you need. 

As for accommodation, we chose local guesthouse instead of hotels because it is budget friendly, and you can really experience the local culture. 

 Lee & No Guest house

We stayed at Lee & No Guest house while we are in Seoul. It is located near Hongik University metro line and around ten minutes walking distance from Hongdae. 

They have this little garden within the guesthouse compound.

That would be the living room and a little balcony outside. 

And this is our little double room. It is not huge, but cosy enough for both of us. Just for your little info, most korean house have heated floor to cater for cold weather.The host is pretty friendly as well and allows guest to leave their luggage within the premises if the guest needs to travel to other place for a few days. 

As for our stay in Jeonju, we chose Seonunjae Guest house which is a Hanok house ( Traditional Korean House ).

As you can see from the picture, it is a beautiful house with wooden floor, red clay rooftop and wooden door. 

And this is our room. It looks a little dodgy in the picture, but it is actually quite comfy. Yes, you will be sleeping on mattress in a Korean house with hard pillows. That is part of the experience isn't it? But surprisingly the toilet is pretty modern. haha. Our room comes with a mini fridge as well. The best part of this guesthouse is the friendly host aka ajussi. He explains to us on where to go around the hanok village, even personally bring us to a restaurant where we wanted to try the famous korean table food. So if you ever travel to Jeonju, I would highly recommend you to stay in this guest house. 

So that's all for our Korea Trip introduction. More to come in future posts. =)

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