Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On our way to Jeonju!

Waking up as early as 6am and I am all pumped up for Jeonju!

Spring is in the air!

Flowers everywhere!

I have never traveled  during Spring before. It is always during autumn or winter whereby the flowers and leaves are all dried up. So its pretty astonishing to see so many beautiful flowers along our trip in Korea. 

This picture deserves a bigger space in this post! I LOVE this picture.

We took the free shuttle bus to Jeonju, which is located near Gwanghwamun station. As we alight the train, we were greeted by this beautiful sun rise picture of Seoul.Just the perfect angle for this picture. 

Admiral Yi Sun Sin Statue

Gyeongbokgung Palace is right at the back of this picture.

As you walk along Gwanghwamun, you can see the Admiral Yi Sun Sin statue and also Gyeongbokgung Palace from afar. 

More flowers!

Time to leave Seoul for Jeonju!

And there you go, the bus we took to Jeonju.

Every year, the Korea Tourism Board will have this free shuttle bus services to several location. This one that we took is to Jeonju, which is also the gastronomy center of South Korea ( well, it is also where Running Man shot one of their episode as well. =p ) You will need to register on their website to take this bus. If the bus is full, they will draw lots. Only the lucky ones will get a free bus trip down to Jeonju. Just so happen that we are lucky enough to be chosen, and off we go to Jeonju!

At one of the Service Station, I manage to capture my FIRST Cherry Blossom picture in my entire life!

And you, my first sakura, will have a very special place in my heart. ^^

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