Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On happy side

Phewwww...I was sweating myself in the chicken ( Oppsss..I mean Kitchen..I was thinking about chicken so...haha ) and hell my Recette de Poulet Saute Basquaise will be AWESOME! All it needs to do, is to be slow cooked for another 30 mins and voila! Bon Appetite!

I have been wanting to cook this dish for the longest time, somehow I am just craving for chicken in tomato sauce ala French style. So I went to the supermarket to grab all my ingredients and I got greedy! I took everything that is cheap and I ended up with four big bags of vegetables and meat plus one roll of toilet papers. After all the hassles of getting on and off the bus, I realize I missed out on important ingredient, tomato sauce! DAMN! So, i decided to cook the dish anyway without the tomato sauce, substituted it with four big tomatoes. So hope it will be just as good.

Whether I am having staff meal at work, or eating out, somehow, the best food, is still the ones we had at home. Sometimes I may come out with some bizarre dishes that I had in mind, which I always do since I know how to cook, but both of us still enjoy eating it. I hope.....ya darling? haha. You know what you are eating and you know it will be good for your body. So...home cooked food is the best! No matter how tired we are after work, we always try to cook at home. Its like some energy pill of vitamin of the day. So people, you guys should start cooking too! Too much of outside food contains a lot of MSG and its really bad for your body.

Anyways! We are going to KOREA in one month time! I am SO FRIGGING EXCITED! I have been going through so many websites on places to eat and visit for weeks and can't wait for next month! I got my red luggage ready, long sleeves clothes ready, even walking shoes has been bought specifically for this trip. Time to plan for my itinerary, the tiring and yet the most fun part! wohooooo~ I can not wait! Bring it on restaurant week and hello April!

We are having our Dinner and Dance this Sunday, and its my very first DND, hence I have gotten all pumped up for it. Everything from head to toes got to be perfect! Will be taking a hell load of pictures of course, and please anticipate a lot of pictures in future post. Since now I did not post much pictures...Lazy lazy to upload to the laptop..haha.

A little picture of myself in case you forgotten about me. haha..I was trying to look shy in this picture since I am suppose to pose as a princess..haha

Till next time folks!

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