Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Not everyone in your life matters,
Hence, you don't live to please everyone.

Be with people who are positive
Be with people who can teach you to be a better person
Be with people who can be your role model

You choose how you live your life
Be it positive, be it negative
You choose to be that way

Don't blame it on god, people for what that had happened
Everything happen for a reason

If you choose to ponder in how miserable your life is, then you will never find gleams of hope in life

For every problem, there will be a solution
The question is, how you find that solution.

Self motivation is the hardest thing to do,
and the easiest.
It is all in your mind.

As for myself now, I choose to be happy, positive and live life with no regrets. To those who shows me attitude and spreading negative energy, I don't give a flying F. Just because you you you sabo me, doesn't mean I have to do that same. Simply just because I am not like you all. That's all.


So peace!

p/s I think within this one year in SG, I had grown up a little bit more. Thumbs up to myself! 

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