Thursday, June 27, 2013


Today, is the day we strike off the 4th year mark as a couple. We have been together for four years now, it seems so long and yet, so short at the same time. I did not feel it until I slowly go through all the pictures we have taken together. We took so SO many pictures, and been through so many things together. From studying together in college, to graduating from our degree, taking our baby steps in Singapore till now. We have been working for almost two years now. Dang! Time do pass by very fast no?

People say after the honeymoon period, things will gradually go downhill and you will start to feel tension between you and your partner. But, I still feel like we are in our honeymoon period. haha. We still text like how we used to, I still can't get my hands off him, I will miss him a lot even if he is away for one day and it is as though we are in this stage whereby we just started dating. I am truly grateful for that.

Yesterday, while me and my colleague going to this gift shop to get a birthday card for our boss, I saw this handsome looking guy from far and it immediately strikes me that hey! He is my bf! And Oh my god, he looks so handsome and tall. haha. ( It is actually a surprise went busted by myself. haha.) Seriously, that really went through my mind. Paiseh la, this is suppose to be an Anniversary post! I still feel the electricity feeling ( like what others said ) like the day we first started. What curse have you cast on my b! haha. How can I love you more and more everyday! =p

For me, to have found someone that is so significant to me, so patience towards our relationship, love me like no one else ever will, understand me even better than myself, I must have strike the biggest 4D in my life.  I am one very lucky girl. Very.

4 years, and I am pretty sure there will be a whole load more to go in the future. I will constantly improve myself, so that you can fix your eyes on me =p, and I will try and be the best for you as well. So baby,



I hereby present you with a lot of pictures of US ^^

All pictures are arrange in chronological order within the last two years time france. You can see how much we have changed since two years ago, whether its our hairstyle or our chubbiness. Once again!


That's all folks. ^^

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Carmen Kar Woon ^^, said...

Happy anniversary there my dear friend! Eat more (both of u) and may love blossoms until we (kita) reach our 80 or 90 ssss :DDD